About Us


Who We Are

Not Your Ordinary Vegan is a dedicated vegan cafe, providing an array of delicious vegan meals. We are located in Lexington KY, affectionately known as BBN (Big Blue Nation) home of the Kentucky Wildcats. NYOV Cafe strives to provide vegans and non-vegans alike with food options that are not only plant-based and cruelty free, but delectable as well.

Alicia Robinson

Our story starts with the aspiration of an 11 year old girl, my oldest daughter, Alicia. After being inspired by a Vegan documentary she began her transition to a vegan lifestyle. As her father, I elected to embark on this journey with her. In all honesty, I thought it was a fade and that she would lose interest. Two years later we are both committed to the vegan lifestyle and loving it. With a passion to introduce others to the incredible life style, we started a Catering business, that boomed and has now evolved into what is now known as the Not Your Ordinary Vegan Cafe.

Our Core Principles

Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Everything you eat has the potential to HEAL you or to HARM you. We  encourage everyone to to make eating decision that puts your body in the best position to heal itself.

Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Wellness
Health is not one dimensional but we believe that truth health exist holistically within the soul, body and mind.

Unwavering Faith
All that we do is set upon the foundation of our Faith in God.

Uplifting others
Stemming from our faith in God is a relentless passion to help others become the best version of themselves as possibly.

Our Creed

There is nothing ORDINARY about you,
God created you to be EXTRAORDINARY!